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The Consortium/Third Party Administrator plays a key role in helping employers manage their drug and alcohol testing program and maintain compliance with local, state and federal regulations. C/TPAs are service agents who can be contracted to facilitate one aspect of testing only or manage every step of the testing process for an employer, effectively taking on the role of the Designated Employer Representative in certain situations with written permission by the employer.

To best serve their clients, the C/TPA should be familiar with all aspects of the drug and alcohol testing process. They should also understand their clients’ workplace policies in addition to state and local laws that may apply. C/TPAs function in both U.S. Department of Transportation regulated workplaces and Non-DOT settings.

The C/TPA’s responsibilities are largely administrative – involving monitoring of the drug and alcohol testing process, documentation, record collection and record maintenance – so that all required steps are completed for employer compliance.

This C/TPA Basics Training provides students with:

  • An overview of the C/TPA’s role and responsibilities.
  • Guidance on what the C/TPA needs to know to meet their clients’ expectations.
  • Information about how to build a C/TPA business and promote it.
  • C/TPA standards and expectations.

While C/TPAs have clients from a variety of industries with diverse testing needs, this course will generally follow the regulatory language in DOT 49 CFR Part 40, as this is universally considered the gold standard for drug and alcohol screening practices. Businesses and organizations that don’t have a mandated drug and alcohol screening program, frequently base their company testing program on 49 CFR Part 40 (in addition to the employer’s desires and state and local laws).

Upon completion of this professional-level course, you will have the basic information and skills needed to perform your duties as a C/TPA at the highest standards of professional excellence and to grow a successful and sustainable business.

Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

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C/TPA Terms and Definitions What is a C/TPA? Essential C/TPA Knowledge & Skills C/TPA Functions C/TPA Duties & Responsibilities The C/TPA's Role in Compliance Business Requirements for New C/TPAs C/TPA Business Security and Safety C/TPA Business Standards, Integrity and Confidentiality C/TPA Training & Professional Development Promoting and Marketing your C/TPA Business