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NDASA members who become NDASA University Partners have tremendous opportunities to build their business online — and to collect 70% commissions for resale of, and referral to, the gold-standard products and services at NDASAUniversity.com.

Not an NDASA member? Become a member today.


If you haven’t already, we hope you will read all about the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association’s industry-pioneering NDASA University Partner Program.

At this level of partnership, NDASA members receive:

  • 70% sales commissions sent directly to their digital payment account
  • 70% discounts on NDASA’s gold-standard courses and services — and permission to resell them for profit
  • the ability to create and manage teams of learners — which is great for corporate training and group instruction
  • powerful tools to track sales, commissions, teams and individual buyers
  • NDASA resources and tech support that maximize the value of the partnership

Partner Courses

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